UAL:Wimbledon College of Arts

54 Merton Hall Road



SW19 3QA

28th June 2017

To whom it may concern,

Re: Livia Turco – sculpting tutor

Livia has taught sculpting and figurative modeling on the Technical Arts and Special Effects course here at the college for three years.

She is an experienced sculptor and is a much respected and valued tutor by the staff and students with whom she works.

She is an excellent teacher and as such she has sensitivity, knowledge, and authority and is a very supportive, responsible and trusted colleague.

She has a bright disposition and a good sense of fun and humour.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Grant Hicks

Pathway Leader

Technical Arts & Special Effects



Livia has taught me for the past two years whilst studying Technical Arts and special effects at Wimbledon collage of art. The projects taught by Livia are focused on Figurative sculpting. Livia brings her extensive anatomy knowledge of the human figure to her lesson and passes it onto us, her students. The way in which she teaches allowed me to really soak up her knowledge of anatomy as she refers to the parts of the body with the correct terminology, making it impossible to forget. She taught me how to sculpt a full sized portrait from life and a half sized torso also from life. These modelling projects lasted ten weeks and I would attend without fail to hear what Livia had to teach. The way she studies and sees the human body is inspirational, her eyes are trained meticulously to notice the shapes of the human figure.

Livia has also taught me in my third year of study whilst at university, and it is safe to say that without her determination, guidance and perseverance, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the sculpture I embarked on. I created a life-sized figurative sculpture of myself in a baroque/renaissance style. Her teachings from the year before where invaluable to me whilst sculpting; they allowed me to have the confidence to sculpt the torso and portrait. This life-sized figure however meant I embarked for the first time in sculpting arms and legs. This I found particularly challenging as it involved learning two completely sets of new anatomy tables. With the support and help of Livia I was able to construct these limbs using anatomy tables, photographs and other members of my class as arm and leg models for basic shaping. All the advice and guidance from her across these two years has been invaluable.

Livia also took me and other classmates to Florence to study the progression of art through the Gothic period to the Baroque period. This trip consisted of her battling with the ticket offices and succeeding in getting us free entry to all of the museums, pleading our case that we where students. After these epic victories she then had the energy to take us all around the museums and explain in detail all the key elements she wished to teach us. Plucking the knowledge from her own past teachings and looking over her thought out plan for the trip. The amount of hours she put into creating the lesson plans for that trip where extensive, my class mates and I are extremely grateful and honoured by the amount of time and effort she has put in to our education over these last two years.

You could not hope for a more caring and dedicated teacher.

Lydia Smith
Wimbledon Collage of Art Graduate 2017